Not loving the Baelfire reveal tbh

Yeah, I could see it coming but that doesn't mean I like it. Like Snow said, if the entire cast are related to each other in some way then their battles are reduced to petty family tiffs. Also Neil does nothing for me and Henry has a better father/son dynamic going on with Charming.

That said, I cannot wait to see Cora tear shit up and every second of Hook makes my life worth living in general, so I trudge on.

Oh my God, Sacrifice was the best episode of Revenge ever, RIP Fauxmanda

This episode has redeemed the entire season for me. Fauxmanda was such a tragic character and the episode really did justice to her story. The music, flashbacks and cinematography were all perfect and Emily’s breakdown just destroyed me. I couldn’t stop bawling and I never cry for TV shows usually. Thank you writers for going to that gutwrenching emotional place, it made the show that much stronger <3